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This is turn would create a huge strain on the American healthcare system at a time when concerns are rising due to the increased need of services for the baby-boomer generation and the current nursing population to care for them. Next, the discussion will continue on about nursing school factors affecting the nursing shortage.

If Americans already planned on facing a nursing shortage with the baby-boomer generation, then how would the shortage affect everyone else when healthcare reform becomes active in the year two-thousand-fourteen. A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession. Furthermore, nurses are held to a high standard to uphold to their duties and continue to give accurate, compassionate and safe care to all patients.

By offering the additional two days per week, nursing students would meet their clinical expectations ahead of schedule therefore they could graduate earlier and begin nursing practice sooner. A woman named Florence Nightingale who was recognized as one of the first nurses to care for the wounded soldiers during the Crimean war helped to Essay on nursing shortage other women to learn how to become nurses and care for the sick and wounded.

However, many hospitals have currently up-graded equipment to help prevent unwanted needle stick exposures through the use of needle free systems, but there is still work to be done to keep nurses and patients safe.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics. In conclusion, after discussing the many challenges that the nursing profession faces, it is still considered a highly respected field by many but may not be the choice for everyone.

Essay on nursing shortage Although when the economy improves the shift of nurses actively working may change and create an even bigger nursing shortage while some may change careers or retire all together.

Consequently to address the aging of the nursing faculty, more people need to be encouraged to continue their education without any lapse of time after graduation. During times of busy patient demands, nurses may also run the risk of harm to themselves, especially during the administration of an injection that could cause a needle puncture that may potentially be from an infected needle, or come in contact with the splashing of body fluids on exposed skin.

In the end, if the nursing shortage continues, it could be catastrophic to American society at a time when healthcare has made so many advances to increase the life expectancy rate. Additionally when someone is attracted by the potential for a nursing career and advancement, they must look at all avenues first before deciding and making a commitment to nursing school.

Male nurses generally started a nursing career at a younger age compared to their female counter parts.

If America is going to get out of the nursing shortage crisis the first step is to address the shortage of educators, and nursing faculty that teach and train the future nursing students.

Since World War II the nursing profession had always been a female dominant profession until now, with the addition and encouragement of male nurses in the profession. Looking at the national level for current nursing employment, the U.

Causes, Consequences, Proposed Solutions.

Introduction to nursing shortage: factors influencing nursing shortage

During times of economic recession more nurses were choosing to work, or continue employment to help meet the financial expectations of their households especially in times when other family members are facing a layoff or furlough.

In fact, due to the major population shift after the war, thousands and thousands of babies were born in which it would be named the Baby-Boomer generation. Nevertheless, nurses play many roles other than a care-taker or pill pusher, they are expected to know about possible medication interactions that could harm a Essay on nursing shortage since they are the last line of protection for patient.

Some hospitals ffer opportunities to take a leave of absence from their jobs to pursue further education options without the fear of job loss. In addition to the baby-boomer generation, America will soon be forced to provide healthcare to millions of individuals who previously did not have insurance starting in two-thousand fourteen when the Affordable Care Act goes into full force.

Furthermore, with the introduction of men in nursing things have begun to change and more and more men were joining the nursing profession for career stability and advancement opportunities in an already female dominant profession.

Re-evaluating masculinities, re-evaluation gender. Nursing schools began offering scholarships to male nursing students as a way to attract more people to the nursing profession. Another factor that contributes to the nursing shortage is that nursing faculty members and educators are being lured away from colleges by higher compensation, which in turn reduces the number of potential educators to meet the demands needed.

More and more people began to choose a nursing career later in life, so consequently most nurses ended up retiring earlier due to the strains of the job or age factors.

Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence, n. Due to cost constraints some facilities were beginning to do away with sign-on bonuses and offer other assistance after a specific time period of employment. As working nurses were getting older many of them were planning for retirement at a time when a majority of people were retiring with the baby-boomer generation.

In addition, if the United States invested in more healthcare facilities and offered more loan assistance and scholarships then people would be more attracted to the nursing profession and possibly reduce the nursing shortage.

Now that this generation is in their sixties many of them will be facing increased health problems due to aging thus putting a greater demand on the healthcare system for treatment and prevention. With that said, more nurses feel pressured to not make any mistakes instead of being human. Consequently to address the aging of the nursing faculty, more people need to be encouraged to continue their education without any lapse of time after graduation.

Nurses are also expected to perform many tasks that include life saving techniques in critical situations, but in order to keep these individuals with these skills employed by a specific facility it takes a clever approach to nursing retention.

Published: Mon, 08 May Nurse shortage is defined in relation to existing levels of demands that are not met either in the present or in the past and also in the comparison of existing nurses and those still in the institutions of learning.

The Nursing Shortage

- Nursing shortage According to Canadian Nurses Association(), human health resources have stated that by the end of Canada will experience shortage of 78 registered Nurses (RN) and shortage of nurses by the end of Nursing Essay] Better Essays words |. Essay on The Nursing Shortage - Since the ’s, the interest in nursing and the profession as a whole has decreased dramatically and is still expected to do so.

The Global Nursing Shortage According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nursing is listed among the top occupations in terms of job growth throughwith the demand increasing at least 19% by the year ().

The Nursing Shortage

Now that the factors of the nursing shortage have been described in detail, the next discussion will be about ways to fix the nursing shortage problem in America from.

Essay on The Global Nursing Shortage Words | 5 Pages. Writ 5 May, The Global Nursing Shortage According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nursing is listed among the top occupations in terms of job growth throughwith the demand increasing at least 19% by the year ().

Essay on nursing shortage
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