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The economic pressures on the farmers in Massachusetts were particularly great not only because trading patterns of New England were more disrupted than elsewhere in the new nation, but also because the policies regarding taxes and repayment of state debt were harsher.

Shays' Rebellion

As the aide explained, the insurrection was strictly local. The government will also come up with some strategies such as expanding the forces and allocating more funds for the security department.

So why would anyone write another book again telling the well-known story of the rebellion. Yet it also is true that the Shaysites, without a doubt, were opposed to a more consolidated government and the Constitution. Brown University Press, The two historians have completely different views about the nature of the American Revolution, how it was planned and executed, the character traits of the people who took part in it, and what happened after victory was achieved.

The seaboard merchants could no longer earn enough revenues through trade to cover their sizable debts. Many have always dismissed the revolution that took place for one year as insignificant due to the reason that it was an uprising rabble by poor farmers who had debts.

There really was not time for the Magistrate to make any effective change. People of Massachusetts are having Shays rebellion essay with the court as they feel that their pleas are being ignored by the tribunal.

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Another difference between the two historians is their respective accounts of the Revolution. He discovered that in the Massachusetts Archives is a record of the oaths of allegiance signed by thousands of participants in the rebellion who were offered leniency in return for a sworn oath of future allegiance to the state of Massachusetts and its rulers.

Early in Januaryin the midst of the troubles that would be named Shays rebellion essay him, Shays had a long conversation with Rufus Putnam, with whom he had served in the Continental Army. The judges responsible for the hearings seem to be under direct influence from other top government officials.

I feel as though everyone should be treated equally. It is simply inequitable and unbearable. Unlike the characterization of the conflict as one between two cultures, the discussion of the economic conditions in Massachusetts in and the description of the economic problems of the new nation generally are consistent with those commonly accepted.

The legislators ultimately made matters worse when they enacted the direct taxes that were enforced through the court system.

Because we are not focused as a people, we are divided. Also the president was given a span of four-eight years if reelected to make some kind of change and he would not be effected so much by the majorities opinions.

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this 9-page Shays' Rebellion study guide and get instant access to the following: In one instance, Szatmary quotes a farmer who seemed unable to understand why a farmer who had three hundred acres needed to destroy wood and clear land any faster than he could make use of it.

Similarly, authorities will tend to thwart and discourage any person that is intending to go against their will.

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One branch of the government would not be able to have complete control over the people, because of the checks and balances that were instituted into the constitution to make sure that the other branches would follow the rules set forth in the Federal Constitution.

As Richards tells his sympathetic story, western towns tried unsuccessfully for several years to get state legislators in Boston to help with the depressed backcountry economy. Having the state produce more money would have helped farmers pay their debts instead of being tried in court.

Prices are extremely high. Sixteen men were sentenced to death, but later pardoned; two others were hanged for property crimes related to the insurgency. Surprisingly, the governor breaks his promise and orders forces to go after the civilians and seize them Richards An artificial collection of manuscript documents, acquired by the Historical Society between andthat includes the 25 January letter from Daniel Shays and Daniel Gray to Benjamin Lincoln.

This armed force crushed the movement in the winter of as the Shaysites quickly fell apart when faced with a strong army organized by the state. When Richards presents data on the number of insurgents or on the number from a particular family or heavily in debt or sued in courts or imprisoned for debt Chaps.

The economic crisis of the s affected many farmers in rural areas of central and western Massachusetts.

15a. Shays' Rebellion

This uprising of yeoman farmers in Massachusetts in is one of the most intriguing incidents in our history, and the causes and impact of the rebellion continue to interest historians and political scientists. Leaving the power to the majority would be foolish and certainly be the downfall of the government.

This was due to strategic errors made by Generals, soldiers fleeing in the course of combat and numerous battles being lost in the conflict.

This is a prime example of the causes and need for this rebellion. Instead of proving that he wanted to remain a subsistence farmer, this illustrates the limits to the amount of land a man could cultivate.

The seaboard merchants wholesalers consequently sold their goods on credit to merchants in the interior retailers who in turn sold their goods on credit to backcountry farmers.

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Shays ' Rebellion was an armed uprising in Massachusetts, mostly in and around Springfield during and American Revolutionary War veteran Daniel Shays led four thousand rebels (called Shaysites) in a protest. College essay writing service Question description Argue from Jefferson’s viewpoint (as expressed in his letter to Madison in the Shays’s Rebellion handout) that Shays’s Rebellion was a.

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Shay’s Rebellion was the revolt of Western Massachusetts farmers against their state legislature because they felt they were being unequally represented.

The intention of this paper is to analyze the problems that led to Shays’ Rebellion and to describe the casual relationship it had with the ratification of the U.

S. Constitution. In conclusion, the rebellion was an eruption after a period of constant economic, political, and cultural oppression. America`s population was divided along social status boundaries, living merchants and professionals on the side of government and farmers and laborers on the resistance side.

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